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India’s energy consumption increased 18.6% to 129.51 billion units in August

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India’s energy consumption grew by 18.6 percent in August to 129.51 billion units (BU) and remained higher than before COVID due to improved economic activity amid a reduction in international closures, according to energy department data.

The country’s power consumption in August last year stood at 109.21 BU, down from 111.52 BU in the same month in 2019, according to the data.
Experts say the renewable energy demand and energy use by August 2021 are similar and robust.

They are optimistic that recovery will continue to improve as many provinces have lowered locks to boost economic activity following a decline in the number of new cases.

The only fear that another wave of the epidemic could curb this recurrence is in the use of force and demand, they say.
The demand and use of trade and industry power has been affected from April onwards this year due to the restrictions imposed by the provinces to contain the second lethal wave of COVID-19.

There are fears of another wave of epidemics that could create barricades and will have an impact on trade and energy industries in the country, according to experts.

The demand for high power met or the maximum supply per day stood at 196.24 GW in August, which is 17.1 percent higher compared to the previous year.
The demand for energy in August 2020 stands at 167.52 GW, which is less than 177.52 GW in the same month in 2019, indicating the negative impact of the epidemic on energy demand.

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The government has enacted a national ban on March 25, 2020 to catch the spread of coronavirus.

The closure was gradually eased, but its entry into economic and commercial activities led to a reduction in gas demand for trade and industry in the country.

In April 2021 there was an annual increase of about 38.5 percent in energy use.

The second wave of COVID-19 began in mid-April this year and affected the recovery of trade and industrial energy demand as countries began to set limits in the last half of the month.

Energy consumption in the country saw an increase of 6.6 percent year-on-year in May this year at 108.80 BU despite a low base of 102.08 BU in the same month of 2020.

According to the latest data, power consumption in June grew by about 9 percent to 114.48 BU, compared to 105.08 BU in the same month last year.

Power consumption in July this year increased by about 9.4 percent to 123.72 BU compared to 112.14BU in the same month last year.

Power consumption in February this year was recorded at 103.25 BU, compared to 103.81 BU last year.

In March this year, energy consumption grew by about 22 percent to 120.63 BU, compared to 98.95 BU in the same month of 2020.
After a six-month gap, power consumption recorded a growth of 4.6 percent annually in September 2020, and 11.6 percent in October 2020.

In November, growth in energy consumption dropped to 3.12 percent, mainly due to the onset of winter.

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In December, it grew by 4.5 percent, and this was 4.4 percent higher in January 2021.

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