Oppo Patent Mobile Gaming Controller With Built-in Earphone Storage: Report

Oppo appears to have a portable sports controller with an earphone storage room in the pipe. The old patent reversed in September 2019 of this device with the insert number CN112451961A was spotted and the image in the patent shows the Xbox style controller with a phone mount attached to the top and two spaces at the bottom.

The patent was allegedly published in March this year. However, Oppo has not shared any information about him yet and it is unclear whether this mobile game administrator will ever see the light of day.

A patent with the title “game controller” was published by Oppo Guangdong Mobile Communications, according to ITHome. Displays a controller with two analogue sticks, a D-pad, and four or five buttons.

The analogue sticks are aligned differently from the Xbox controller. In addition, a phone mount is installed that will allow the user to access the USB port and jackphone on his or her phone, if available, while playing with the controller.

Some controllers attach both sides of the phone to effectively block the USB port and headset.

There is also an earphone booth, according to the report. It says that when not in use, earphones can be stored in the controller for easy access. The spaces below, as seen in the photo, look like they have wireless stereo earphones but it is unclear how this will work.

Additionally, there is a middle button raised somehow on the controller which can only be a representation of the power button. Both Xbox and PlayStation controllers have the same power buttons.

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