#OneYearOfMissingIrrfan: Homi Adajania: Thank you endlessly for following a few steps of Irrfan’s trip with him

‘It’s hard to think of cinema without thinking about Irrfan’Toward the end of our shotgun, Irrfan told me that he had changed a lot as a person. He had his fair share of pain but had redefined it as another emotion in his mind. It wasn’t fun to say, but it was different. It was no longer just a pain.

He no longer wanted fame or prestige anymore, but when he said “Yaar Homi, mujhe acting se bahut mohabbat hai”, he was not joking, I could hear his words. It’s hard to imagine cinema without thinking about Irrfan and the art he loved so much gave him so much fun.

I think his audience somehow felt this joy.In the English Medium set‘We laughed, cried and had a healthy conversation about death’There had never been a filter between us. There was no pussy-footing around the fact that she and her beautiful family were dealing with it. Everything was emotional and real.

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We laughed, we cried, and we had incredible conversations that often revealed our understanding. ‘You showed me the easy way’You have shown me the easy way to be this and this I will always appreciate.‘Irrfan told me he wouldn’t change anything in the course of his life’Irrfan told me that if he could go back in time and change something, anything, in the course of his life, he would not change anything.

‘His acting status was extraordinary’He read and discussed various procedures, always knowing that he would never have them. Simply put, his feeling was as amazing as I knew him.

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