Obama has the most followers on Twitter in the world

Obama- Most Followed Twitter Accounts: The number of followers on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s microblogging site Twitter has exceeded 70 million (70 million). With that, he reached number one on the list of Most Followed Active Executives, beating former US President Donald Trump. But do you know who are the most followed celebrities on Twitter in the world. Today we’re going to give you information on the top 10 people in the world who have the most Twitter followers.

Former US President Barack Obama’s name comes first on this list. Obama has 12.98 million followers on Twitter. Since leaving politics, Obama mainly tweets about social work done by the Obama Foundation.

Justin Bieber is second on the list

The name of British singer and youth icon Justin Bieber comes in second. Bieber, who became a hit with his song “Baby” in 2010, has 11.38 million followers on Twitter. With that, he is in seventh place on the list of most influential people on Twitter.

The name of famous American pop star Katy Perry comes in third place on this list. About 10 crore 88 lakhs follow him on Twitter. Also, she is present in second place in the list of the most influential women on Twitter.

Rihanna is fourth while Cristiano Ronaldo is fifth

Famous singer Rihanna takes fourth place on this list. He has 10.26 million followers on Twitter. Rihanna is often in discussion on Twitter about her statements. Rihanna’s tweet criticizing Trump for using his songs in his rallies by Donald Trump during the presidential elections in the United States has come to light.

Famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is present in fifth place on this list. He has 9 crore 31 lakh followers on Twitter. At the same time, he is present at the fourth place in the list of the most influential people on Twitter.

Here is the list of the 10 best personalities in the world to follow on Twitter.

Barack Obama 12.98 crores
Justin Bieber 11.38 crores
Katy Perry 10.88 crores
Rihanna 10.26 cr
Cristiano Ronaldo 9.31 Crore
Taylor Swift 8.85 crores
Lady Gaga 8.36 crores
Ariana Grande 8.36 Crore
Alan DeGeneres 7.80 Crore
Kim Kardashian 7 crores

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