NITI Ayog Deputy Chairman Rajiv Kumar said : Central Vista project spending is not even a decrease in the health sector

NITI Ayog vice-chairman Rajiv Kumar, in an interview with CNN News18, said the second wave of coronavirus had shocked everyone, but the country had responded positively. Kumar also said that the demand for supply was much better now.

According to Kumar, one of the most urgently needed is the difficult measures where the level of self-confidence is very high compared to low-income regions. “Now there are about 200 districts with a 10-point scale and a confidence level, you can’t have the same thing in two different cases,” he said, adding that the spread of the infection in practice was not right.
He also said the government had taken general steps to increase oxygen production and transport given the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic.

With regard to the infrastructure sector, Kumar said the industry has more employment opportunities than the average employment consolidation.

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In the highly controversial Central Vista Project, Kumar said the money spent on the project was not a drag on the health sector. “We haven’t invested in the health sector for decades now. Our spending on AIIMS has increased by 200 percent,” he said.
Kumar also noted that the government has issued health insurance to 500 million people under Ayushman Bharat. “We have created a lot of infra but it is still short, this (central vista project) is politically motivated,” he said.
On the economy, Kumar said India has the highest level of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by 2021. export history.

“This will be a major driver in reviving our economy,” Kumar said.
According to the Deputy Chairman of NITI Ayog, this could be due to existing changes to strengthen private investment.

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