Nayattu movie review: Kusunchako Boban, Joju George, Nimisha Sajayan impressions show the truth of the political circus

Nayattu movie review: This film is very entertaining as it is a case of public failure to make sense.
Actors of the Nayattu

movie: Kunchako Boban, Joju George, Nimisha SajayanNayattu

movie director: Martin Prakkat

movie ratings: 3.5 star

Nayattu, meaning hunting, is a sad indication of the times in which we live. We are part of a time in human history when truth seems to have little or no effect. In the post-truth era, we do not want facts. We do not want a thorough investigation into the case to end it; what we want is a good show.

We want a fair demonstration without a fair process. Who gets justice (no matter how deep or how they think) and who gets sent to prison depends on the current political agenda. It is the time of year when even the lowest officials of a political party present their demands.

“Sir, after the election, please stop those police officers who are in trouble,” the party leader told the prime minister. Not a request. It is an honorable command. And the mighty CM nods with confidence as he wraps his fist.

The three stand-alone and in this process, they cross a politically dressed young boy who has ties to the ruling government.
After the tragic incident, Praveen, Maniyan, and Sunitha became the main suspects in the ****** case. Spoiler warning: no one killed anyone.

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As a result of the unfortunate road accident, one of the party workers in the government dies. Contrary to his good judgment, Maniyan granted Praveen’s request and decided to take the injured driver to the hospital and save his life. And that jeopardizes all of Praveen, Maniyan, and Sunitha’s plans.

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Praveen may have overcome her grief and married Sunitha. And it is possible that Maniyan ended up going to his daughter’s school party. However, even in their biggest dreams, they never thought they could be the subject of a witch hunt led by their peers.

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