Milind Soman Urges People to Stay Healthy, Says ‘Strengthening Health and Wellness Can Help Deal With COVID-19’

In response to this question, Milind explained the difference between infection and disease.
Milind Soman shared the importance of healthThe actor explained that ‘Strength and health, if good, will help people to deal with the virus so that they do not get sick.’

He also said that it would not ‘prevent a person from becoming infected.’ The 55-year-old actor has written that anyone can get infected. However, not everyone who is infected will get sick. ’Second, he wrote about another frequently asked question when people asked him why he was talking about‘ life when other people have no food to eat. ”

Giving the right answer, Milind wrote, “I say that if you are not healthy, there is nothing more important. Life is not always about time or money. Most infections and hospitalization are from higher levels, not slums. To be healthy you need to know. And you need to make at least 10% of the effort you put into your work. Or your public life. Take care of yourself. Stay safe. Om Shanti. ”

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The actor previously shared a post while explaining the need to take a break from the ‘cities’ right now and will stay in the woods. The actor is currently in Aliabug with his wife Ankita Konwar. “Go back to the social abstinence in the wild 🙂 enough in the cities right now! I’ve had my tryst and covid, I don’t want to repeat it. , and trying to grow any possible food. but I have never felt at home … Nature is amazing, you have to respect that! “Exercise lover Soman wrote on Instagram.

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