Manoj Bajpayee on the current issue: I have never felt helpless

Manoj Bajpayee urges people to stay indoors; he says he prays fervently for an end to this human suffering and that it soon passes.

On Friday, Manoj Bajpayee turned 52 years old. It was an active birthday as he shot Ram Reddy’s film in Uttarakhand. Last year, he had started shooting the project when the nationwide ban was announced. The actor was not in a position to celebrate his big day.

“There are a lot of poor people, many friends, family members, acquaintances are infected. Receiving calls and messages from known and unknown emergency services. I never felt powerless. I pray earnestly that this suffering of people will end and this is over soon !! Please stay home!”, Wrote Manoj on Twitter. .

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“Thank you for sending me all your love and best wishes for my birthday !!! We are living in a very trying time. We will pass in the end. Let’s join hands to cross this dark tunnel before we see the light of another end,” she wrote in another tweet.
Earlier in the day, Bajpayee was last seen playing ACP Avinash in the digital film “Silence … Can You Hear It”.

The actor was recently announced as the best actor at the 67th National Film Awards with Dhanush. While Manoj won the Bonsle, Dhanush won the Tamil film Asuran. The film is about the real problem facing immigrants in Mumbai, which applies to modern times. Bajpayee plays the lead role of Ganpat Bhonsle, who has gained great fame for him.

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