Mallika Dua’s Mother Chinna Dua Passes Away Due To Covid-19 Complications

On May 13, Chinna has tested positive for the coronavirus.
Popularly, it was known as Chinna was a Prayer, and his wife, year-old journalist with Vinoda, Ask. Mallika took to Instagram to ask and said: “He has left us for the night.

From the bottom of my heart. All of my life. The one and only god I know. And I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.” You’re such an intense battle, Mother. This is my favorite. In the middle of the heart. You are my life.”

A well-known journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai, wrote on Twitter about his death, from sorrow. Prayers, with your family,.. words are not enough, it’s a heartbreaking moment,” he said. An actor and a politician, honey Bees, both of which shared the news on Instagram. He shared a photo of the Chinna, and said: “You have suffered much, my dear, Chinna … I’m really, really in love with you right now.”

Chinna has tested positive for the coronavirus, on 13 May, and was admitted to the Guru Medant to the Hospital on the 14th of May. “We were admitted to St Stephen’s Hospital on May 13, but my condition is developed due to an intensive care unit case, however, the room was not available. We had a Medanta party last night, ” Chinna said at the time.

On 22 May, she took to social media to share a health update and found that faith and patience are what you need for the time being. “Have a good evening.” I hope that you’re okay. At this point, we have to love all of god’s miracles.

However, you need to be hands-on and taking it once a day. Shraddha and samurai, or to have faith and patience, is the only way to reverse this trend. Then, the stability and the status quo would be much appreciated, as this is what is happening now.

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What is the example of the nighttime? Sleep is affected by the drug, fungus, and that is something else that is sometimes used for a person who is worn out. Therefore, the update is late. Please continue to pray. God bless us, Lord. Great with a love for all of you, ” she wrote.

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