Kangana Ranaut granted bail in defamation case against Javed Akhtar

Kangana Ranaut was granted bail on Thursday by the Andheri Magistrate’s Court after ordering the court to cancel a court order issued against him in a defamatory case filed by songwriter Javed Akhtar.

On March 1, the court ordered the Queen’s character to be granted bail as she failed to respond to summonses issued by the court. to apply for an exemption and, therefore, the issuance of a warrant for the acquittal of 1,000 defendants will be justified. ”Javed Akhtar’s Pollution Case Against Kangana Ranaut:Javed Akhtar accused Kangana Ranaut of speaking ill of him in an interview with a news channel.

However, Javed Akhtar and Kangana wanted different things about the case. Javed Akhtar called for the registration of the Kangana Ranaut degrading case under sections of IPC 499 and 500.

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