Indian government ensure safety of Indians

Indian government-To ensure the safety of the Indians present in Afghanistan, the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in contact with the Afghan government and appropriate measures are being taken in this direction. It should be noted that due to the growing influence of the Taliban, around 50 Indian diplomats and security personnel were brought to India by a special air force plane from the Indian consulate in Kandahar two days ago.

Indian government sources told that the Foreign Ministry is in direct contact with the Afghan government and its administration to ensure the safety of Indians living in Kabul and elsewhere, given the increasing measures of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the deterioration of the situation. And the Indian Embassy in Kabul is also in constant contact with the local administration. Sources said that the Indian government is monitoring the situation in Afghanistan and necessary measures will be taken depending on the security situation.

Meanwhile, besides the Indian Embassy in Kabul, there is also an Indian Consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif and sources claim that the appropriate decision will be made in this regard as well, depending on the security situation.

Explain that India has decided to temporarily close its diplomatic mission in Kandahar due to the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan. After the decision, around 50 diplomats stationed in Kandahar were brought to Delhi by Indian Air Force plane on Saturday.

According to government sources, this decision was taken in view of the security situation in Kandahar. Indian employees will be able to return to Kandahar when the security situation is good. Meanwhile, the Kandahar mission will be managed by local Afghan personnel.

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