In this landmark move, Sebi asked the Franklin Templeton investment return of more than Rs 500 crore to the investors.

The capital city of the regulator, the Market for the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi), the detection and the serious error of the Franklin templeton investment funds-India deal with six of the debt, the funds were suddenly closed in April 2020. He is instructed that the fund will provide investors with a six-debt mutual funds, management, mutual funds, fee 451.63 crore. In addition, you are charged a 12% rate of interest charge on the amount, which sums up to the total of disposing a fee of Rs 512.50 crore.

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The Sebi’s research found that of the Franklin Templeton does not comply with the category system is in the right spirit. In 2018, Sebi identified in 36 categories of mutual funds, all of which had a limit in the order to move. In order to Templeton, Sebi noted that Franklin Templeton, for instance, with the high-risk approach has several systems of their own.

He found that the debt crisis was brewing at the time, and the government did not use the option to the end of illiquid securities, in spite of the looming liquidity crisis.

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In view of the errors of the stock of the house, from the history of the application of the Franklin Templeton investment funds for new categories, as defined by Sebi, as early as April 23, 2020 (the date on which the fund is in the building, linked to six of debt funds), the Sebi is expected, the fund management fee, which is assessed to be appropriate in order to bring it back to the investors in the given system, plus 12% per year.

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