Happy Birthday Samantha Akkineni: How to play the actor’s tattoos in her love story with Naga Chaitanya

Love behind the bones of Samantha AkkineniYet while the claims of many celebrity tattoos remain a mystery, check out what Sam’s tattoos mean and how to order them in his love story:

His love for Chay
Samantha’s most famous tattoo should be the hands down the one that reads Chay with a curse on her forehead. The actor kept the tattoo hidden for years before exposing it to the world shortly after his marriage to Naga Chaitanya. Feeling happy to call her her husband, the actress shared a beautiful photo during her debut. Since then, he has never been shy to show off.

The first time he met her
Samantha has a YMC reading of the Ye Maaya Chesave YMC on the head of her neck. The tattoo is the first reminder to meet her husband Naga Chaitanya on Gautam Vasudev Menon’s romantic star sets. The film continued to be popular, as did both of them and both off-screen. A few years down the road, the two eventually got married in a three-day wedding in Goa.

Building their truth
Sam and Chay both have a small arrow tattoo on their wrists. The tattoo translates as ‘moving forward’ or ‘creating your own’ as Samantha once put it during a Q&A with fans. In addition, Chay has a tattoo extension on morse codes where a fan once decided he was reading their wedding day.

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Samantha spent her birthday last year in lockdown, counting her blessings, cutting a homemade cake and spending quality time with Chay and their furry baby Hash.

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