Google operates Switch to Android app for users to copy data and apps from iPhone

Apple recently introduced a new update to its Move to iOS program to enable easy data transfer from Android app to iOS device.

Google will soon be back with a new iOS app that will allow iPhone users to transfer their data to an Android smartphone easily.

Because it’s called “Switch to Android,” the app is reportedly being developed by Google right now.

As the name suggests, the app will be a data transfer system like any other, focusing more on those switching from iOS to Android.

Guess the value of the upcoming app from the new APK teardown by 9to5Google. In a recent report, the publication talked about seeing the Google-made “Switch to Android” app for iOS.

Application tracking found in the latest Android update “Data Recovery Tool” official at 1.0.382048734.

The report states that the app is similar to Apple’s “Move to iOS” Android app.

The biggest change reflected in the update, however, is the ability to transfer apps and related data from iOS to Android.

This feature is not yet in the normal process of switching from iPhone to Android device.

At the moment, we can upload or backup all our files in Google Drive from iPhone to Android later and complete the button.

There are no applications or application data, however, that can be transferred in this way.

With the “Switch to Android” moniker, the Data Recovery Tool text has been changed in many places to indicate additional power.

It now speaks directly to “apps” under a variety of items that can be transferred from iOS to Android with a new feature.

From 9to5Google’s observations, data transfer will take place on a local Wi-Fi network or hotspot on Android.

The iPhone can be connected to this hotspot to start with data transfer, similar to how apps like WeTransfer, JioSwitch and others work.

One of the biggest problems you should face when migrating from iOS to Android is those of compatible apps in their app stores.

It is not yet clear how the switch to Android app will work for this, allowing users to transfer the same apps they had on their iPhones on Android.

It may require manual input from time to time, but as long as the apps are right and downloaded on their own, it should be a useful application for most users.

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