Google may invest billions in Airtel after investing Rs 34,000 in Reliance Jio

After making huge investments in Jio, Google is now planning to invest in Airtel. These companies have reportedly reached a high level of negotiation.

It is believed that Google will make “a lot of money, run into a few thousand rupees”.

The companies had negotiations last year. Notably, Airtel had a debt of approximately Rs 1.6 lakh crore in June. So if the agreement between Google and Airtel works, it could be a major refuge for the communications company led by Sunil Mittal.

According to a Times of India report, Google is in the process of making money worth thousands of Airtel projects.

Google’s is reportedly in the “negotiating phase” with Airtel “about a year ago”, and the size of the deal could be “too big”.

Google’s and Airtel have not made any official announcements related to this agreement but top sources on development have told “Google’s entry adds strength to Airtel’s balance. Also, it helps the company strategically as Google brings new capabilities and strengths to data analytics.

Google data monetization is much higher than any other company in the world, and it could help Airtel make money with its data much better to improve its visibility and profitability, “a senior analyst told TOI about the Google-Airtel deal.

The analyst went on to say that Google will need strong reasons to join Airtel.

“If something goes wrong tomorrow, your (Google’s) loyalty to the market goes out even though it will be a limited liability.

To keep its name, the company will have to pay its premiums in case Airtel is unable to move forward due to financial pressures and it starts to decline, ”he was quoted as saying.

Google has invested a whopping Rs 33,737 in Reliance digital company, Jio Platforms Ltd. Google currently has a 7.73% stake in Jio Platform.

Jio is a hot spot among investors, companies like Facebook have invested a lot of money in this company. Such investments have helped the company to clear its debt ahead of the March 2021 target.

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