Google Maps Rolls Out Real-Time Bus Information Service for Delhi users: How to use it

Google Maps has released a new feature for real bus service users for Delhi users. It will let users know exactly when the next bus will arrive at the bus stop, enabling them to plan their trip better.

Google has partnered with the Delhi Department of Transportation, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS), Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Delhi, and Lepton Software to integrate this feature of real-time public bus service for Delhi users on Google Maps.

The tech giant says that this feature will not only provide details of which bus will ride from one place to another, but also when the next bus arrives at the stop where the user is waiting.

The feature will also provide an estimate of how long the trip will take and whether the bus will be delayed or on time. In addition, Google Transit will automatically update the times according to the new conditions.

Arrival times based on real-time information available are marked in green or red on Google Maps.

This feature is actually intended to reduce the problem of waiting for public transport users. It allows you to better plan your travel and can be a great blessing in reducing travel stress.

To use the bus real-time service information feature, open Google Maps on Android or iOS handsets. Enter your destination and tap the ‘Go’ icon Enter your destination and destination location and then tap the ‘transit’ icon (tram) to view the times, bus numbers, routes, and real-time arrival information highlighted in green or red. .

Tapping the recommended route allows you to view more details at route stops.

Tap on the bus stop to see a list of all incoming buses, where the correct real-time details are indicated by a green or red flag. Google Maps also provides access to real-time bus information by searching for a specific bus stop, by tapping its name and the bus numbers listed on it.

Users will be able to see a list of all incoming buses, with locally enabled buses showing their real-time ETA.

Google claims that the real bus information feature is also available in Hindi. It can be changed in Google Maps settings or within device language settings.

Details about expansion plans in other cities, Google says, and are working with public transportation services in other cities to create real-time travel information will announce this when available.

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