Google is desperately looking for Fortnite and is considering buying Epic

Epic Games had filed a lawsuit against Apple and Google in addition to the in-app billing policies of the Google Play Store.

The lawsuit was filed against Apple for allegedly forcing developers to process an in-app purchase through Apple and pay the company 30 percent of its total revenue.

A similar lawsuit was filed against Google by Epic Games. However, recent court appearances indicate that in order to eliminate the threat, Google has even considered buying one or all of Epic.

Apple and Google’s are accused of maintaining monopoly and ending the competition.

The battle between Apple, Google’s and Epic Games was in full swing when both technology companies removed Fortnite via Epic Games in the App Store and Play Store after a developer released a new update that allows users to pay directly to the Fortnite app developer for purchases.

It is also alleged by Epic that Apple and Google ‘salso attacked the company’s business in unrelated locations.

If Epic succeeds in a court battle, Apple and Google will need to make changes to their App Store policies and it will cost them a lot of money.

The newly appointed court found that to eliminate the threat or risk of losing a lot of money in a court battle with Epic. Google has also considered purchasing one or all of Epic’s.

“Google has helped share its independence benefits with business partners to secure its competition fencing agreement, has developed a series of internal projects to address the ‘infection’ identified by Epic and others’ efforts to provide consumers with developers competitive ways, and has considered buying one or all Epic to address this threat. ”Reads a revised complaint received by The Verge.

Google is desperately looking for Fortnite

Epic has complained in its complaint that Google is using its size, influence, power, and money to make third parties “have anti-competitive agreements that strengthen its sovereignty”.

Responding to reports of Google thinking of buying Epic, Tim Sweeney tweeted.

This was something we could not do at that time, and thanks to a court order for protection we now find out about Google’s decision to buy Epic to stop our efforts. to compete with Google Play.

Whether this would be a conversation to buy Epic or some kind of attempt to take hatred is unclear.

Here Google’s also talks about the feeling of “blunt explicit speech” they created, all this while calling Android publicly as an “open platform”.

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