Google Assistant Can Be Quickly Called Power button on Android phones

Google Assistant will soon be called using the power button on Android smartphones, according to the report. The visual interface can now be configured using wake words such as “Ok Google” and “Hey Google”, or swipe touch on smartphones.

Some phones also include a dedicated Google Assistant button. But Google will soon be adding a power button to Google Assistant with the launch of Android 12, making dedicated buttons obsolete. Or, some Chinese brands already offer this functionality for their Android skins. Mention of new feature is found in the latest Google App release codes.

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The next feature of Google Assistant was first noticed by XDA-Developers. The publication was made a tear by the recent release of the Google App ( which revealed a series of codes suggesting that Google could add a power button for Android 12.

This feature can be enabled in Settings. Mishaal Rahman of XDA-Developers was able to see the new configuration on the Pixel 3 XL smartphone working on the Android 12 developer builder. But the option could not be enabled.

Currently, a Google Assistant can be called using one of two commands – “Ok Google” or “Hey Google.” Users can also long press the home button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen on their Android smartphones when using the full screen touch.

Alternatively, some Google Pixel devices can be flashed on the sides to activate the visual assistant. Companies like Nokia and LG have a dedicated Google Assistant button.

Google also reportedly works to bring a double touch to call a visual assistant. But that may not come with the launch of Android 12.

In addition, XDA-Developers has also been able to discover other features in Google’s teardown app. Android 12 will make it easier for users to authorize payments while the phone is connected to Android Auto or on. The feature will allow users to bypass security or bypassing the password completely

. Although the feature is still to be removed, it is still recommended that you use this feature only if your phone is left unattended for too long. Anyone who can access your phone while it is connected to Android Auto or on can pay.

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