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Focus on new areas opened by govt for fresh candidate : said Sitharaman

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Private companies have been given greater prominence in the Union Budget for 2021-22, and open spaces have “many opportunities” for individuals and not just large companies, said FM Sitharaman.

The union’s finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, on Saturday said the opening of the state-of-the-art fully secured facilities would allow the government to give university graduates business opportunities.

Private companies have been given greater prominence in the Union’s 2021-22 budget, and open spaces have “many opportunities” for individuals and not just large companies, “said the 29th annual conference in Ahmedabad – Based on Nirma University.

“Open spaces have many opportunities. These are areas where university graduates, have the opportunity to enter quickly and become entrepreneurs,” she said in a statement.

She said sectors such as space and atomic energy could “benefit immediately” with good ideas and new skill sets.

Sitharaman commended Indian businessmen and teachers for addressing the challenge posed by the COVID-19 epidemic, adding that several initiatives have become unicorns, and teachers are quickly adapting to the technology to reach their students from a variety of backgrounds.

“The positive tendencies that exist in our minds as Indians to find new opportunities, even in difficult times, is the spirit of the Indian businessman,” she said.

Teachers are brilliant in the fast-paced digital age, by teaching online through a video conference without showing fatigue, and it is this spirit that has made ancient seers and Prime Minister Narendra Modi say the world could emerge as a “visha guru”.

She said the new Education Policy was focused on enabling students to be recruited, adding that the Union government was in talks with countries such as the UAE and Japan so that Indian graduates could acquire the sets of skills needed for post-corona jobs around the world.

Sitharaman said the National Research Foundation, which has been given Rs 550 crore over five years, will strengthen the country’s environmental research program.

At the reunion, graduates were awarded 52 PhDs, 798 degrees, and 1,530 students who graduated from various university departments, while 51 students received 59 awards for outstanding performance.

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