Flipkart employs 4000 people urgently to meet the Christmas holiday season, creates Flipkart Xtra to provide part-time jobs

Flipkart has introduced a different market model known as Flipkart Xtra to provide flexible leadership opportunities for individuals, service providers and professionals.

Flipkart has taken a big step in creating 4000 jobs before the festive season. The move will also strengthen Flipkart’s supply chain to ensure seamless delivery and prompt delivery and customer supply throughout India especially during the festival sale.

Every year around Diwali, commerce platforms include long-distance sales of Flipkart and Amazon and offer discounts on categories such as electronics, home appliances, smartphones, laptops and more.

Flipkart’s has introduced the standalone Flipkart Xtra app to make the ride process easier. The app can be used for background verification for job seekers.

They will have to provide the necessary information such as their qualifications, job experience. Job seekers will be able to ride in a variety of roles, including start-up managers, as well as service partners or professionals in the coming months.

The new app will help thousands of people, professionals and service agencies around the world provide access to additional job opportunities and the money available as delivery partners.

Commenting on Flipkart’s Xtra, Hemant Badri, Vice President and Head of Sales at Flipkart, said, “As an organization committed to building the value of all stakeholders including retailers, professionals, MSMEs, kiranas and customers, we continue to maximize the value of our partnerships to benefit -e-commerce.

In this effort, we have introduced many programs such as the popular kirana delivery system and we are pleased to introduce Flipkart Xtra, our service market area, providing people with opportunities, local stores and service professionals.

This is a new disruption to the gig economic sector and will help people find another source of income while contributing to the country’s economic recovery. “

The ‘Flipkart Xtra’ app will allow partners to sign up from anywhere with the flexibility to choose their favorite schedule to deliver a post.

This is an extension of another delivery of Flipkart models including the Flipkart Kirana program, which has seen significant growth over the past few years.

During the holidays last year the kirana delivery model completed 10 million shipments.

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