Exciting Covid-19 moments: Tujhse Hai Raabta actor Sehban Azim calls us Catch-22

Sehban Azim shared that apart from family shootings, there is a constant concern that lasts a long time. The actor is hopeful, however, that the world will emerge in the second wave soon. The news flooded into books and theater, arts and dance, cinema and television.

The years 2020-2021 were no different, they tested us as human beings. At such times, we find ourselves escaping from the screen but the people who work to give us this break are no longer traveling better. As much of India is under the ban, there are many TV artists who are still working overtime to provide us with our nightly entertainment.

Sehban went on to say that over time he has seen television today become part of the ‘essential service’ and there is no way they can go back to their work. “You can call it a box of idiots any words but there is no survival without television. Therefore, TV is the key to bringing them down in these difficult times.

And that’s what keeps us going. Anyway, we have to keep our viewers happy, the show has to go on. It has to do with their happiness. “He said, “If I or Reem (who leads his program) decide not to shoot, they may have to find someone else or close the program.

That in the end will be a challenge for the creators and there would be no morality for us. Right now the channel and the producer need it and it is our job to support them. You might call it the Catch 22 situation or just be there for each other in bad times, but it is. And even if I don’t, I think someone else will. “

Sehban Azim’s mother lives in Delhi, which went through a very difficult time a few weeks ago. The actor shared that he is concerned about the well-being of his family. “Our family had planned to be home for Eid together but it is clear that this is not happening at the moment.

I would love to have a mom and brothers but traveling can be very dangerous. It’s really scary when you think about it and the kind of news that is coming, it just leaves you confused. “However, we make sure that those around us hide it well.”

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Actor Dill Mill Gayye also touched on the positive presence of social media in modern times. Calling it a bad cycle, Sehban said that while one phase was trying a little to help each other, the other celebs also wanted a good distribution. “However, they were happily drawn. So you do not know what to put.

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Shehban Azim concluded the conversation by saying that it was a ‘first act of kindness for everyone, and each one did his best to live and fight. “A few months back we thought we were done but it was getting worse. I just pray that everyone stays safe and we win the second wave with more power. ”

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