Elon Musk now owns a Shiba Inu animal named Floki and Dogecoin price has gone up

Elon Musk won’t let go of Dogecoin. The cryptocurrency started out as a joke, suggested by Musk earlier this year before things got sorted out, probably for good. Now, Musk is in it again. Tesla’s manager and SpaceX’s manager may not have posted on Twitter about Dogecoin yet, but in June he said he would find the animal Shiba Inu soon, and later announced that it would be named ‘Floki.’

Floki has arrived now. A Tesla official has now shared a photo of his new pet. Musk tweeted early Friday morning and, of course, Dogecoin prices have risen since then.

Not only Dogecoin, but alt-related coins such as Baby Doge also saw the spike following Musk’s tweet.

Baby Doge saw a 1.80 percent drop following Musk’s tweet, according to CoinMarketCap. The crypto currency coin was developed by Dogecoin supporters who believe that this meme cryptocurrency has a bright future.

According to the official website, Baby Doge wants to impress his dad by showing off his improved transaction speed and appeal.

You are a ‘Hyper-deflationary with an integrated staking system system built into the many doge of children that are added to your wallet. Just Love, caress, and watch your baby pigeon grow. ”

The biggest beneficiary of Musk’s tweet, however, was Shiba Inu Floki. The new token has seen a growth of 958.09 percent in the last 24 hours, according to Coin Market Cap.

Shiba Floki is also the biggest beneficiary from Musk’s twitter account that came in last night according to Indian time. Cry currently trades at $ 0.000000005961.

When asked by a Twitter user if Musk could post pictures of Floki and his other pet dog, Marvin, a Tesla official said they were not friends yet.

This is not the first time we have seen Dogecoin prices rise due to Elon Musk’s tweet. A Tesla official began writing angrily about cryptocurrency earlier this year and Dogecoin made a dream before the entire crypto market saw a collapse in mid-May. Since then, he has recovered a bit, but there is still a long way to go.

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