Dish Rides on Amazon to Build 5G Network to Launch in Las Vegas

Dish Network on Wednesday signed an agreement with Amazon to build its 5G network on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud platform, and said it would launch its first network in the United States in Las Vegas later this year. Will do.

Racing to build a 5G network in the United States by 2023, Dish has chosen a new technology called the Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) that allows software to run network operations on the cloud, reducing the use of physical devices Uses.
As part of the collaboration, Dish and Amazon will help develop 5G applications, such as low-latency augmented reality gaming experiences, serve contextual advertising, or orbit the robot’s movements at a disaster site.

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“We have exposed our ambition and our technology to many enterprise customers and we are in deep discussion,” Dish’s chief network officer Mark Roune said in an interview.

AWS vice president David Brown said the partners had discussed working together for about 18 months ahead of the deal signed on Wednesday.

It is not exclusive and AWS has an existing bay is a partnership with telecom operator Verizon.

Jonathan Chaplin, an analyst at New Street Research, said, “It would be exciting if AWS and Dish went to the enterprise opportunity together to make ‘Dish’s network and AWS’ enterprise services’ infrastructure and sales force exciting. “

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Dish, with its new network built on the latest technologies, could pose a threat to traditional telecom operators, such as Verizon and AT&T.

“They will have a lower cost than Verizon and so they will be able to lower the price,” Chaplin said.

Raune said Dish is on track to reach its goal of covering 20% โ€‹โ€‹of the US population by June next year, and by mid-2323 at least 70% of the population under its commitments to the US Federal Communications Commission.

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