VAV Lifesciences Pfizer supplies major COVID vaccine component to Moderna

Biopharmaceutical firm VAV Lifesciences signed an agreement with an American contract development and manufacturing firm to manufacture phospholipids, a key ingredient in the MFA-based COVID-19 vaccine, with multinational pharma giants Pfizer-BioNotech and Modern. Have done. City-based VAV Lifesciences is the only domestic firm in the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain with this critical component. Thus it could play an important role in the global mRNA-based vaccine supply chain, the company claimed in a statement.

The deal will be executed through its subsidiary VAV Lipids, which has tied up with a US-based contract development and manufacturing organization to manufacture and supply synthetic phospholipids used to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines. The US firm will use lipids made by VAV on behalf of the owners of the brand to produce gene-based lipid nanoparticles – Pfizer-Bayonet and Modern.

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VAV Lifesciences, the only domestic firm whose lipids will be used in mRNA-LNP technology-based vaccines, has already commercialized phospholipids for the large-scale vaccine manufacturing run by VAV Lipids in its EU CGMP certified Ratnagiri. Has started Maharashtra. Phospholipids are important biomolecules used in the manufacture of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines.

These synthetic lipids are used in the manufacture of lipid nanoparticles, which are very small lipid particles that surround the submaroscopic mRNA strands and can effectively deliver mRNA to target cellular sites and help bind them to the respective cells. can do. Arun Kedia, managing director of VAV Lifesciences, said that the volume of each order is around 250 kg, which costs around Rs 50 lakh, and the company will manufacture all synthetic phospholipids at the Ratnagiri facility.

VAV Lifesciences produces high-grade ingredients used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, healthcare and personal care industries and is a major manufacturer of phospholipids and lecithin.

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