Dilip Kumar is in the stable, not in the artificial ventilation: in a family of actors, to give you an update on the state of human health

Dilip Kumar is currently in a stable condition and is recovering.

Dilip Kumar’s Health News, Dilip Kumar, Health News, was in the hospital on Sunday. Veteran actor Dilip Kumar is in “stable”, as he continues to stay in the hospital for a complaint that arises on the internet. The 98-year-old actor is on oxygen support,” not with a machine, “as some outlets have said that the note is to be the new pretend to be his Twitter account.”

The family is asking the media to the brotherhood, to keep the official’s tweets, which have a universal source for all of the updates on his health. You’ve always been doing a good job. Please check out the pen, and Twitter, instead of calling someone who might be right now. – FF.”

Dilip Kumar’s friends and colleagues from the industry wished him well on social media. Ji jaan se Shukriya Aap sab ka.”
The director of Legit, In 1992, Hansal Mehta, has also shared his father’s clique of Dilip Kumar. In his tweet, he wrote: “Two of the guys around 1970 at the moment. Father and Dilip Kumar.”

Dilip Kumar was in the hospital on Sunday. His wife, a former actress, Saira Banu, confirmed indianexpress.com, “Veteran”, is made of a Dilip’s Answer: that is a Hospital 8: 30 am. The doctor treating him, we have a number of tests, we are waiting for the report.

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Pray that he is good, and we’re going to bring him home soon.” Next to her, it was the attack of shortness of breath. It is managed by a team of professionals, led by Dr. Nitin Gokhale. Then please press and hold a number of his prayers, and please keep yourself safe.”

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