Delhi Lockdown Extended To May 17, Delhi Metro Staying Off Tomorrow For 7 Days

The Delhi Chief Minister said that though the cases have reduced but the brutal Covid wave is disastrous, therefore Delhi will continue to be under lockdown till 17th May, 5am. Kejriwal said that this lockdown will be stricter and Delhi Metro will be shut.

New Delhi: Delhi’s Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal held a press conference on Sunday and said that after the implementation of the closure since April 26, cases in the national capital have decreased and the city’s quality has dropped from 35 percent to 26 percent.

Kejriwal said the government has used the closing time to improve medical infrastructure and aims to increase the number of beds. The Delhi government in partnership with the central government is trying to overcome the shortage of oxygen the capital has been facing for the past few weeks.

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Kejriwal reiterated the issue of immunization in the city and urged the center to provide the right amount of vaccines.

The Delhi Chief Ministeri said that although the number of cases has decreased, Covid violent wave is disastrous, so Delhi will continue to close until May 17, at 5am.

Kejriwal said the closure would be difficult and the Delhi Metro would be closed.

Delhi recorded another 332 head deaths from covid-19 and 17,364 new infections today. This is the fifth time in the last six days that the number of new covid-19 cases remains below 20,000.

The number of infections increased to 13,10,231, which found that more than 12.03 lakh had recovered. The good rate stands at 23.34%.

The death toll rose to 19,021, while there were 87,907 active cases, the report said.

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