Decision on Political Crisis In Pakistan will be on Sunday?

Political Crisis- Imran Khan on the vote of no confidence: Imran Khan, surrounded by the crisis in Pakistan, made it clear that he would not resign. He decided to contest the motion of no confidence. In his address to the nation, Imran Khan said that on Sunday the country will decide which direction it will take. I will play until the last ball.

He said: “I have never given up in life. Whatever the outcome, I will come out stronger after this, whatever the outcome.

Targeting rebel leaders and the opposition, he says betrayal will happen on Sunday. remember him. The community will not forgive you. He said no one has done what we have done in three and a half years.

Opposition parties say Imran Khan has lost the majority and should step down as prime minister. Opposition leader in the National Assembly (Parliament) Shahbaz Sharif tabled a motion of no confidence on 28 March. This proposal was to be discussed today. However, the deliberations of the chamber were adjourned until April 3, that is to say Sunday. Now Imran Khan has said the country’s decision will be made on Sunday.

Imran Khan, addressing the country, said that I was lucky that God gave me everything – fame, wealth, everything. I don’t need anything today, he gave me everything for which I am very grateful to him. Pakistan is only 5 years older than me, I am part of the first generation of the country to be born after independence. When I was in school, the example of Pakistan was given. I will not allow anyone to be enslaved.

Political instability (Political Crisis) emerged in Pakistan after a joint no-confidence motion by opposition parties in the National Assembly. Imran Khan will need 172 votes out of the 342 members of parliament (National Assembly) to save the government. According to the Geo News report, the MQM-P, which was involved in Imran Khan’s government, decided to cooperate with the opposition and two of its ministers resigned.

MQM-P MPs Farog Naseem and Aminul Haq have resigned from their ministerial posts. MQM-P leader Faizal Sabjwadi said on Wednesday that he had reached an agreement with the united opposition. Imran Khan’s party, the PTI, has 155 MPs at home. Imran also faces the revolt of about twenty deputies and the challenges of his allies.

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