Corona virus has started spreading rapidly in countries

Corona virus infection (Covid-19) has started to rise again across Asia. In countries like Thailand and Malaysia, where there were very few cases of corona before, the disease began to spread rapidly. Corona cases have also started to increase in India. More than 40,000 cases arrive every day. The Olympic game (2020 Summer Olympics) is taking place in Tokyo, but in recent days the corona infection has taken its toll. In countries like Vietnam, where the spread of the crown has been controlled to a large extent earlier, crown cases are also increasing rapidly. In view of the current situation, many countries in Asia have restricted travel in their respective cities and imposed numerous restrictions. Let us know in which countries of Asia what is the situation of Corona-

In Japan
Approximately 12,000 Corona virus cases occur daily. Japan has imposed strict restrictions on foreigners in preparation for the Olympics. The Japanese Olympic Organization has said that people associated with the Games and people coming for tourism have been banned. Japanese authorities said no one was allowed to approach the game village. Six people, including a silver medalist from Georgia, have been kicked out of Japan for breaking rules designed to hold the Olympics safely amid the pandemic.

The situation in Thailand is also similar to that of Japan. A total of 18,912 cases of corona infection were reported in Thailand on Saturday. In the past 24 hours, 178 people have died from corona in Thailand. The Thai government says 60% of the corona cases that arrive are linked to the delta variant, while 80% of its cases are recorded in the capital Bangkok alone. According to local media reports, the bodies of those who died in Corona have started keeping them in makeshift containers and refrigerators. Such conditions in Thailand were at the time of the 2004 tsunami.

Corona virus infection started in China, but after spreading around the world, China quickly brought the disease under control in its country. But again, the situation worsens. It is believed that the Delta variant is responsible for this. The maximum number of cases of delta variants happen in Nanjiang City.

the situation in Vietnam is also worsening. Strict restrictions have been placed on travel in Vietnam since Monday. Lockdown has been imposed in the commercial city of Ho Chi Minh and 18 other cities for the next two weeks. As of Saturday, 8,624 new cases of corona were reported in Vietnam.

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