Corona new wave has not ended in Britain

Corona restrictions lifted next week in UK: In early January in the UK more than two lakh daily cases of corona were recorded, although now cases have fallen to less than half.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that most of the restrictions imposed to tackle the new wave of the Corona epidemic in England will be lifted from next week.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told parliament that people will no longer have to wear masks in enclosed spaces, work from home and show proof of vaccination to enter public places such as nightclubs.

Can go back to plan A – Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson said: “With the extraordinary recall campaign, we can return to Plan-A in England and allow the Plan-B rules to expire.” England switched to Plan-B last month, as Boris Johnson described the switch to the Omicron variant of Corona as a storm wave.

Prime Minister had broken Covid rules by partying

However, Boris Johnson has struggled with his own party to enforce the restrictions, with Conservative Party allies calling the ban a hindrance to civil liberties. The easing of restrictions is now seen as a concession to critics, who are furious that the Prime Minister and his staff broke Covid rules by throwing a party in Downing Street.

Boris Johnson told parliament: “There is potential for cases to rise in some places, including primary schools. Our scientists believe it is likely that the Omicron wave has reached a national peak.” “Secondary students will no longer be required to wear masks from Thursday,” he said.

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