Composer Shravan Rathod was “extremely critical” after being tested for Covid-19, his son said

Shravan’s Nadeem Shravan music duo has been tested for coronavirus. His son Sanjeev Rathod said his condition was critical.

Shravan Rathod’s son has revealed that the composer is serious.
Music composer Shravan Rathod, of Nadeem-Shravan fame, is said to be ‘very serious’ after being tested for Covid-19. The singer was admitted to hospital a few days ago after being tested for the virus.

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The total number of COVID-19 cases in India exceeded the 1.50-crore mark by 25 lakh cases filed in just 15 days. The total number of cases of COVID-19 reached 1,50,61,919 with a one-day increase in 2,73,810 coronavirus infections. India also reported 1,619 deaths in a new high record today.

Maharashtra, Delhi and Karnataka saw a massive one-day explosion in the last 24 hours. Maharashtra contracted 68,631 cases, Delhi reported 25 462 new cases while Karnataka saw a total of 19,067 cases.

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