Clubhouse India download on Android falls for one lakh in five days of launch

Android download in India for invited audio communication network only invited Clubhouse has crossed the lakh within days of its launch, giving you much-needed momentum.

According to the Sensor Tower app’s statistical spokesperson, as of May 25, Clubhouse had 1.03 lakh downloads on Google Playstore in India since its launch on May 21. Including iOS, the total number of Clubhouse downloads is estimated to be more than two lakhs. Its download worldwide was about two million.

The Clubhouse’s local counterpart, FireSide, introduced by Tiktok clone Chingari, said on May 14 its beta had dropped to 1 lakh download. Vikas Malpani, CEO, Leher, another popular social networking site, in March said the platform so far has 1.7 lakh downloads. According to the Sensor Tower, downloads were 3,100 between April and May 12.

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Clearly, Clubhouse sees a much-needed pull between the tough competition from Twitter Spaces, and other big executives like LinkedIn, Facebook, Spotify, and Reddit who also work on forums like Clubhouse.

While the response to the potential success of the app next month is mixed, the Indians have been warm at Clubhouse. Away from the technical discussions and the initial launch that was on the platform, weekend music concerts and heated political talks are now about to unfold in India, at least in recent times.
According to a Calicut-based media expert, Clubhouse will now replace the chayakkada (tea shop) that used to be common before it was closed. “Malayalees love conversation. By locking down, people go online as the epidemic has made physical conversations impossible. While Twitter Spaces offers the same options, Clubhouse is less disruptive as a platform and they have embraced it, ”he added.

Really. At the time of reporting the episode from May 31 at noon, there were at least 14 rooms where various conversations such as starting a Youtube channel, photos, cricket, toxic femininity, and ‘Do you believe in God and Why?’ It was possible for each room to have anywhere between 200 to more than 500 people.

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According to Hindu scripture, political parties such as the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) are using the forum to negotiate the Lakshadweep issue where 3,000 people are joining.

While the app detects new usage cases, it remains to be seen whether it will be as robust as the endpoint.

Prior to the launch of Android, downloads have dropped by 66 percent in India since February and 90 percent worldwide.
According to experts, While Android will give the company a rating, building a community of creators can be a priority, which is something the company has been focusing on in recent times.

Over the past few weeks, Clubhouse has launched programs to grow the creative community by helping them make money and adding new features to make content accessible to users.

“It’s still in its infancy in India. But as an audio communication network, I see value in the coming months and in the coming months as more and more consumer cases develop,” said a digital marketing official.

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