Bug security in the Bumble dating app could expose the exact location of users

Asecurity bug in the popular dating app would expose users’ exact location. A security researcher has discovered a threat to Bumble that would allow attackers to find the exact location of other users.

Bumble hits among users mainly because it allows women to take the initiative. Women find this dating app safer than other dating apps available because, without their permission, no man can text them.

However, the latest bug could have caused a great deal of damage to female users in particular.

Investigators Robert Heaton, who works at Stripe, found an insect in Bumble that could have allowed attackers to find the exact location of other users by trilateration. After performing some rigorous tests, he reported his findings on a blog and was given a $ 2,000 check.

Heaton’s discovery reveals that if this bug were to be used by cyber criminals, they could use the Bumble app to find users’ exact home address and keep track of their movements.
Significantly, Bumble does not update the user’s live location, so it would not be possible for the attacker to find the exact location of the user. However, an insect could give an idea of ​​where a person is.

“Like most online dating apps, Bumble tells its users how far they are from each other. This enables users to make informed decisions. But it is very important that Bumble does not show the exact location of the user. This would allow the attacker to see where the user lives, where he is now, and whether he is an FBI agent, ”said Heaton.

If you are a Bumble user, you need not worry as the risk is now marked after Heaton reported it to the company via HackerOne.

Bumble rewarded him with a $ 2,000 fine. The bug was reported to Bumble on June 15, 2021, and Bumble resolved the matter on June 18, 2021.

In a related book, Bumble and other dating apps including Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, OkCupid have begun to show their immunization status in their profiles.

Bumble also allows users to capture real-time nights. So instead of going out, you can video chat with your match from the app.

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