Bihar Budget Session: After the graveyard, now the cemetery is under siege!

Bihar – The budget session of the Bihar Legislative Assembly is underway. On Monday, the question of the seat of the cemetery as well as the crematorium and the temple was raised inside the house. Where the opposition raised the issue of the cemetery seat.

Meanwhile, BJP MPs have made it clear that the Bihar government should also besiege crematoriums and temples. However, the government seemed to be sidelined on both issues.

But sensing the gravity of the request, Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha ordered the government to respond after considering it during the current session.

The opposition member said this thing in Bihar

In fact, MP Shamim Ahmed raised the issue in the house and asked the Ministry of Interior why the siege of Narkatiaganj cemetery was delayed. Due to the lack of a seat, anti-social elements create unrest. In such a situation, the siege of the cemetery should be done as soon as possible, so that problems can be avoided.

Responding to the question, the Minister in charge of the Ministry of Interior, Bijendra Yadav, said that the government, following the instructions of the district magistrate, orders an immediate siege at the places where there is a dispute or any type of incidents riot type are likely to occur. However, opposition MPs disagreed with the government’s response and reiterated the need to meet the demand.

BJP MPs made this demand in Bihar

Here, after the Minister’s response, BJP MP Haribhushan Thakur Bachol raised the issue of the Cemetery Headquarters along with the Cemetery and House Temple. There was a delay in his speech as dozens of BJP MPs in the House united in his voice and started demanding the siege of the crematorium, temple and cemetery.

However, on behalf of the government, Minister Bijendra Yadav made it clear that the government does not yet have such an idea, in which the siege of the temple and the crematorium should be made. But after the minister’s response, there was a huge uproar in the Upper House and BJP MPs rose from their seats and demanded the government to take a decision at the earliest.

The minister tried to clarify the situation

In response to the uproar, Bihar government minister Bijendra Yadav said the siege of the crematorium is not possible as people are burning their loved ones on their own land and performing last rites. So how will the location be selected? After the Minister’s response, the Speaker of the Assembly talked about giving a direct response to the government.

In such a situation, Minister Bijendra Yadav, while telling the story of his family, said that after the death of many of his own family, his last rites were performed near the puddle outside from his house. In such a situation, how can there be a siege of the crematorium?

After this response, dozens of MPs, including BJP MP Haribhushan Thakur, rose from their seats and demanded that the government consider it. In such a situation, the President of the Assembly ordered the government to consider and say this question at the current session itself.

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