Bhojpuri Singer Shilpi Raj new video went viral, did you see it?

Singer Shilpi Raj, a vocalist in the Bhojpuri profession, is on a roll these days. Shilpi’s strong songs have caused quite a stir. People are compelled to dance to his new song, ‘Bardad kaise hokhal jala.’ Shilpi is an up-and-coming singer in the Bhojpuri industry whose songs have gone viral. Many of Shilpi’s songs have maintained number one on social media even before this.

Shilpi Raj’s song is still the most popular on YouTube and social media. Shweta Mahara is the star of the song. Shweta looks stunning in this red ensemble. This isn’t the first time Shilpi and Shweta have accomplished something extraordinary.

Previously, the duo was included in the song ‘Silvatiya.’ The video for the song was shot at the Royal Location. Shilpi’s royal appearance can also be seen between the tracks of the tune. Vijay Chauhan wrote the lyrics for the song, while Arya Sharma provided the music. Ratnakar Kumar directed and produced the song, which was choreographed by Bobby and Goldie.

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Four songs got 100 million views 

‘Garaiya Machhri,’ ‘Godanwa,’ ‘Raja Ji Khoon Kaiye The,’ and ‘Relia Re’ are four Shilpi Raj songs that have surpassed 100 million views. Shilpi went to Dubai to celebrate her happiness. Ratnakar Kumar congratulated Shilpi and wished her well in the future. He said that as long as you keep writing such catchy songs, Bhojpuri cinema will be proud of you.

Shilpi Raj has a long list of hit songs to her credit. With the songs, he has created a lot of hype. Shilpi sang all of the songs in the film ‘Pankh’ at the same time. In today’s world, every major Bhojpuri actor is waiting in line to appear in at least one Shilpi Raj song.

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