Bharti Airtel records the same 1.3% subscriber fall in May in 26 phone circles

In what appears to be more than a default, all 26 mobile network carriers Bharti Airtel showed a similar decrease in subscribers by 1.3 percent in May in April this year.According to its latest data, Airtel’s overall national fall was 1.3%.

In order for all circles to have the same level of falls are curious, reports IANS.Across India, Airtel subscribers fell in May by 46.13 lakh, or 1.3 percent.

This figure is repeated in all carrier circles.In Andhra Pradesh, enrollment dropped by 4.08 lakh (1.3 percent), Assam 1.24 lakh (1.3 percent), Bihar 4.74 lakh (1.3 percent), Delhi 2.11 lakh (1.3 percent) , Gujarat 1.58 lakh (1.3 percent), Haryana 72,299 (1.3%), Himachal Pradesh 42,845 (1.3%), J&K 71,755 (1.3%), Karnataka 3.94 lakh (1.3%), Kerala 88,995 (1.3%), Kolkata 75,521 (1.3%), Madhya Pradesh 2 lakh (1.3%)), Maharashtra 2.54 lakh (1.3%), Mumbai 1.25 lakh (1.3%), Northeast 71,181 (1.3%), Odisha 1.46 Lakh (1.3%), Punjab 1.5 Lakh (1.3%), Rajasthan 2.84 Lakh (1.3%), Tamil Nadu 3.55 lakh (1.3 percent), UP East 4.71 lakh (1.3 percent, UP West 2.30 lakh (1.3 percent) and -West Bengal 2.01 lakh (1.3 percent).

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The Local Area Register (HLR) is a central database containing the details of each mobile phone registrar authorized to use the main GSM network.

These HLRs keep track of all SIM cards issued by the service provider.The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) uses this data from HLRs and while checking the number of subscribers in charge.

Each SIM has a separate identifier called International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI), which is the key to each HLR record. Subscription numbers reported by service providers the difference between the IMSI numbers registered on the HLR of the service provider and the total number of other statistics.

India’s telecommunications market has revealed a big difference in May with Barti Airtel losing 46.13 lakh wireless subscribers as its rival Reliance Jio added 35.54 mobile users, according to telecommunications regulator Trai.

In total, the Indian mobile market lost 62.7 lakh users in May.Airtel users lost 46.13 lakh and finished the month with a subscription base of 34.8 crore, according to data released by the TRAI for the month of May.

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