Are Those Who Eliminate Defi100 Crypto Project Scammed Investment $ 32 Million?

DeFi100, a cryptocurrency project, allegedly defrauded investors of $ 32 million (approximately Rs. 233 crore) according to reports and tweets. However, the project has now issued a rejection of applications, although there seems to be some doubt.

Reports of people fleeing the job and running away with the money began to circulate after an unwelcome message appeared on their website on Sunday.

“We have deceived you guys, and you can’t do it **** about it,” read the message on the DeFi100 website. Since then, DeFi100has has made it clear that their website has been hacked and hackers have posted a message, which has now been deleted.

Like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, among others, DeFi100 is a cryptocurrency. However, it is much less well known than other popular digital assets. At the time of writing, the website was still down. “Wow, it looks like the page was lost. This is not a mistake, it is just an unintended accident, ”he said.

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On Sunday, the crypto project, on its official Twitter account, said it had not come out as alleged. “Firstly, the total value of the D100 is currently less than 4 million tokens. At the start of the project, the total purchase value was 2.5 million tokens. 32, “Twitter said.

While the creators of DeFi100 have made it clear that they have not deceived investors, one cannot say anything until the website has resumed. According to a Coindesk report, the price of the D100, the traditional DeFi100 token, dropped by 25 percent in the last 24 hours to $ 0.08 (approximately Rs. 6).

Reports of DeFi100 creators defrauding their investors came just days after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the largest law firm in the United States, reported receiving 1 million complaints about online fraud and investment fraud over the years 14 years ago.

It took seven years for the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) to file its first million complaints, but the latest millions took 14 months, the organization said. On May 15, 2021, IC3 reached a peak of six million complaints.

IC3, in addition to the Bureau’s legal support, collects and reports information from the annual report and educates the public by sharing notices about new scams or the increase in certain types of crime.

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And just last Monday, it emerged that fraudsters pretending to be Elon Musk stole more than $ 2 million (approximately Rs. 14.63 crore) from cryptocurrency since October last year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a consumer protection center for American consumers.

FTC’s latest data also shows that about 7,000 people have been defrauded since October 2020, reporting losses in cryptocurrency fraud, adding more than $ 80 million (approximately Rs. 585.43 crore). These scams, he says, can happen in many ways and are “full of false promises”.

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