Ankita Lokhande says she has rejected major films as she wants to marry Sushant Singh Rajput, ‘completely lost’ after their split

Ankita Lokhande confided in her relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput in a recent interview.
Ankita Lokhande ended her silence about her relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput and how it ended. The two have been dating for six years, before splitting up in 2016. Ankita’s presence outside Sushant’s family after her death was praised by fans. More recently, however, the actor has been brutally treated for ending their relationship back in the day. Ankita has now opened up about the aftermath of Sushant’s death, how their separation affected her and the major films she approved as she wanted to marry and live with him.

Speaking at the time Sushant broke up with her, Ankita said she believed it was okay to keep quiet and respect her relationship. He said people did not know the truth. “I don’t blame anyone. But he made his choice clear.

The actor also opened his mouth saying he was completely lost back then, and thanks God for getting out of that category. He shared that for more than two years, was not in a working mood and was sitting at home lying on his bed, not talking to anyone. For Ankita, there were times when she didn’t know what to do, as far as ‘her life is over’ after Sushant’s departure. The actor said he would not call himself depressed but it was a great grief and grief he went through. He was lonely as most people would sympathize with his face but no one cared to understand it.

The actress has revealed that she has released major films such as Happy New Year, Ram Leela, Sultan and Bajirao Mastani as she wanted to get married and have a family. “When I met Shah Rukh Khan a gentleman in Macau and Sushant, he promised to give me the best part. However, in the back of my mind I didn’t want it to work. For me, I wanted the best for Sushant, I wanted to build my man and support him quietly for a long time. After my separation, I realized that I too had my own personality, and I needed to work for myself, ”said Ankita

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