Android 12 beta is becoming the most downloaded beta version of Android history

Google released the first Beta version of Android 12 last month and recently released the Beta2 version.

Dave Burke, vice president of Android projects, has revealed that the beta version of Android 12 has become the most downloaded / installed trial version in Android history.

The public beta for Android 12 is currently available on Google Pixel 3 and higher smartphones.

The update is also available with brands like OnePlus, Lenovo, Asus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Tecno, TCL, Vivo, and Xiaomi.

Speaking of features, Android 12 offers a lot of changes brought to the UI and functionality.

One includes a theme, which includes applications that change animation, screen lock, widgets, etc., all adapting according to the OS theme.

Google also fixes some features of the Android experience, such as instant notifications and settings.

Some improvements have also been made to privacy and security.

The app will have directions when using the camera or phone microphone, and it’s easy to access various permissions for all apps in one dashboard.

In terms of gaming feature, Android 12 will come with its “Game Mode”. Users can use “Game Mode” in the interface settings for Android 12 settings.

First, you need to enter the “Notification” menu and then go to the Do Not Disturb interface. From there, click Schedules. There, you will see the option to use “Game Mode”.

After using it, you will see new features that come with game mode. It can display FPS frame rate, screen recording, screenshots, and live game screens.

Android 12 has added a brand new “Security and Emergency” section to the settings menu, giving you quick access to your most important information and links directly to the Pixel Personal app.

This new menu replaces all your information, including medical history, blood type, and more. You can also add emergency contacts to the list to be reached in the event of a disaster.

Another major change to Android 12 includes a visual fix on the Android interface. Android 12 uses Google Material design art, and Android 12 Beta 2 enhances the look with ‘Material You’ themes that change the color of your phone’s interface, notifications, and more to match your wallpaper.

Another new feature in Android 12 will be the Car Key feature. Starting last year, iPhones can now serve as the car keys for compatible compatible cars.

Android 12 will also install this feature to turn the Android smartphone into a car key. However, it seems that this feature will only start to be available on Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices only.

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