With the help of 2.5 million MSMEs in India online, they are empowered to export $ 3 billion: Amazon

Amazon India on Thursday said it had installed 2.5 million MSMEs computers, approved an export increase of about $ 3 billion and helped create nearly a million jobs in the country.

Last year, Amazon announced a USD 1 billion investment to empower 10 million digital, small and medium-sized businesses (10MMs), enable USD 10 billion e-commerce deployment and create an additional million jobs in India in -2025.
Since the last Sambhav announcement (January 2020), more than 2.5 new lakh retailers have come online and joined Amazon, the rate at which retailers have logged online has increased by 50 percent by sending COVID-19, ”he said. Amit Agarwal, Global Senior Vice Vice President and Head of State of Amazon India, told PTI.

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About a third of these vendors come and will register in Indian languages ​​such as Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Marathi, he said.

He added that its Local Shops program – which brings local kirana online stores – has grown ten times in the past six months to more than 50,000 offline merchants.

With 2.5 million MSMEs and an annual running rate of hundreds of thousands coming online at an ever-increasing rate, we are very confident that we will be able to continue driving momentum in this area to digitize 10 million SMEs by 2025, ”he said. said Agarwal. .
He also pointed out that Amazon’s export system – Global Selling – had taken three years to close the first trillion exports of collection, with the second million reaching 18 months and the third only 12 months. More than 70,000 vendors are now part of the program.

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Also, Amazon created nearly 7,00,000 jobs until last year and in the past one year during the COVID-19 era, created an additional 3,00,000 jobs for a million jobs, he added.

“I think these are the most important e-commerce initiatives in India, not just Amazon ‘s ability to deliver computing, have an impact and impact, not only in reviving the country’s economy …E-commerce will be the most important social economy that creates jobs in the country, ”He said.

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