Akshay Kumar Admitted to Hospital

Mumbai: Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar, who was diagnosed with a novel coronavirus on Sunday, April 4, has surrendered to a hospital in Mumbai. Actor Ram Setu is in Hiranandani Hospital in Powai. He confirmed the same by sharing an official statement on Twitter: “Thank you, all of you, for all your prayers and wishes. They seem to work. I work well but as a precautionary measure under medical advice, I am hospitalized. I hope to be back soon. Take care of yourself.
On Sunday, Akshay informed friends and fans on social media that he had been tested for COVID-19 and asked those close to him and loved ones he met to get tested. He issued a statement that read: “I wish to inform everyone that this morning, I was tested with COVID-19. Following all the agreements, I separated them immediately. I have been in solitary confinement at home and have sought medical attention. I sincerely ask all those who have touched me to examine themselves and take care of themselves. We are back soon. ”

After Akshay, 45 staff members were tested for coronavirus. They were due to join the set on Monday, April 5 at Madh Island. They have all been separated. The source said, “It is very unlikely that the shoot will start again before at least 13/14 days.”
There is an alarming rate of Covid-19 cases and deaths in the country. Mumbai reported the recording of 11,163 cases a day. Maharashtra will set the perfect lock on weekends. Anyone who violates these rules will be fined Rs 500. Mumbai authorities have asked all private offices to operate from home until April as the Indian financial institution also appears as a new coronavirus virus center.

Bollywood industry that was slowly recovering after the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic was once again affected by the COVID outbreak. Many prominent Bollywood stars have been tested with a fatal virus recently, which has led to delays in film shoots.

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