Airtel Reviews Payment Programs With Additional Data Benefits, Brings New Business Plans

Airtel on Thursday revised its portfolio of after-sales program for retail and corporate customers. The review improves Rs. Airtel 999 refund payment system with better data benefits, while corporate customers are now offered payment plans starting at Rs. 299.

In line with the review of plans paid after its commercial and business subscribers, telco has suspended its Rs. 749 Family payment system.

The latest development from Airtel comes just weeks after the introduction of the Airtel Black program to allow subscribers to combine their pre-payment, direct-to-home (DTH) payments, and fiber services under a single bill.

In a recent review, Rs. The 999 family payment system for current customers connects up to 210GB of data connection for three connections (one basic and two extensions).

While the primary connection will receive the same 150GB data previously provided as well, the additional connections will receive 30GB data each.

This is not the same as the previous distribution where each additional connection was provided with 10GB data.

This program, however, was previously provided with three additional links that have now been reduced to malware.

In addition to the changes made to Rs. After-paid 999 program, Airtel suspended Rs. The 749 family payment system provided 125GB of main connection data and 10GB additional data.

Airtel Reviews Payment Programs With Additional Data Benefits

Airtel also updates Rs. A 1,599 paid system with unlimited data and global navigation package. Available in two connections. Data speed drops to 128Kbps after exceeding the 500GB limit.

In line with the program review, Airtel’s has renewed the additional connection value to Rs. 299 from Rs. 249. However, it delivers 30GB of data, from 10GB, as well as unlimited voice calling and benefits of Airtel’s Thanks.

Airtel also has Rs. 399 and Rs. 499 back-paid programs remain the same Rs. The 399 Airtel’s pay-per-view system offers 40GB of data, and Rs. The 499 plan comes with 75GB of data. The operator also offers unlimited voice calls for all its paid programs.

For corporate customers, Airtel’s has brought Rs. 299 plan with 30GB of data, Rs. 349 plan with 60GB details, plus Rs. 499 system with 100GB of data. The user has Rs. 1,599 company payment plan with 500GB details.

All eligible Airtel company customers will be transferred to the new systems, as it applies to their next payment cycles, the operator said in a press statement.

Earlier this month, Airtel introduced the Airtel Black program to allow customers to integrate their back-end services, DTH, and fiber services under a single bill. It also presents the planned Airtel Black program which starts from Rs. 998.

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