Weekday indulgence: Enjoy pralines with this healthy Keto recipe This easy recipe

This easy recipe can be prepared in no time! Advertisement Have you tried pralines before? If you love pecans, then you won’t be able to get enough of these pralines! For the uninitiated, pralines are candies that have a distinct nutty flavour. But since they are sugary, they can be fattening too.

But if you can looking for a healthier alternative to enjoy this scrumptious confectionary, then look no further. Today, we have a super easy recipe for you which is great for those following a keto diet as well, courtesy of Youtuber Joe Duff. Take a look below. Keto pralines Ingredients 1 cup – Raw pecans 112 g – Salted butter 65 g – Confectionary powdered sugar 115 g – Heavy cream 1 tsp – Vanilla extract Steps *Preheat your oven at 400-degree celsius for 10 minutes.

Simultaneously line your tray with a parchment sheet. *Roast the pecans until they become fragrant. Then melt the butter on low-medium heat and add the sweetener along with the cream to it. Using a spatula, mix nicely. Keep stirring so that it does not burn until it turns slightly caramel brown colour. Add vanilla extract and stir nicely. *To this, add the roasted pecans. Mix it nicely and then take the mixture with a tablespoon and keep it on the parchment paper. This recipe will make you at least 10-12 pecans. *Put them in the fridge for an hour and enjoy them later! Check out the video below

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