We are women we are stronger than we know ’: Mahhi Vij pens note on mothers doing grade

C’My wife became a hero that day,’ said Jay Bhanushali as he handed over the position to his wife Mahhi and all the mothers.

As pregnancy is a journey, childbirth is a major moment in the life of any woman. While labor pains are hard to bear in any woman, they show the strength of a woman. Taking social media platforms, Mahhi Vij has provided posts to all women and mothers of parents, especially the “C-section challenge” or Caesarean delivery.

“Giving birth to a baby has never been easier and especially it is a big challenge if you have a C-Section. On the one hand there is a baby you want to take care of and on the other hand the pain your body is experiencing due to the stitches and the unnatural delivery method. But I feel like everything that happens in life makes you stronger and we women are stronger than we know it!

To all the mothers there who gave birth to them and that too in a very difficult way, remember that everything is worth it when we look at our baby, the greatest hidden blessing! Celebrate being a mom because I know it is my greatest gift in life! ”He said on Instagram to inform people during the Caesarean Awareness Month, which is known in April every year.

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