The second wave of COVID affects many children

The second wave of COVID affects many children; know moreNever ignore any sign in your children; and look for any discomfort that your children may be experiencing, because headaches, unnecessary fatigue are also not the most common but noticeable symptoms,

But the new strain has made it even harder as it reportedly affects children. As such, what precautions can one take and what is the level of difficulty for children? Dr Gitali Bhagawati, counselor and head, department of pest control and disease control, Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital shared the details.

Over time, the virus changes and different mutations emerge. Also, COVID is not just a respiratory disease; many infected people experience various symptoms and discomfort. Such is the great and long-term effect of this infection.
Children are at risk of infection but not hardship
But at the same time, among children, while the second wave was still very small cases of complexity were dealt with. “But in the long run what physical conditions are likely to be present, cannot be stated at this time. As the virus is completely new to us, research and studies are taking place around the world. Therefore, precautionary measures are essential, ”said Dr Bhagawati.
covid, children How do you take care of your children?
As mentioned, the symptoms of COVID vary due to its variability. Apart from sore throat, high and low fever, bowel symptoms (especially diarrhea), neurological problems etc. Children can also suffer from full or runny nose and loss of appetite.
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