The Pharma industry sees a small impact of restrictions such as the Maharashtra period on manufacturing activities

Maharashtra government announcing restrictions such as the return home for public transportation in the next 15 days across the country, the pharma industry has expressed confidence that its operations will not be affected.

The Maharashtra government has allowed pharma production units to continue operating at full capacity, as medicines are part of essential services.

Maharashtra strives to capture the second wave of COVID-19 cases. The state sees 60,000 cases every day.

The offices of the pharmaceutical companies required to manage the production and distribution, are also permitted to operate at certain limits such as recruiting the required minor staff and otherwise more than 50 percent of the normal capacity and there should be no visitors to the offices and all meetings. only.

Factories with more than 500 employees are being asked to establish their own divisions. Such segregation centers have all the basic resources.

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Exit-directed units required to fulfill an export obligation, are permitted to operate.

Mahesh Doshi, Partner & Managing Director, DY-MACH PHARMA and President of the Indian Drug Manufacturers Association told Moneycontrol that the deadline for the Maharashtra legislature had weighed in on the industry’s output over the past year.

“The government has experience. They did not block transport, they allowed the auxiliary unit as manufacturers of packaging to work. Personally, I will not see a problem. If there is a problem, we will collect a government statement,” Doshi said.

Maharashtra is an important center of pharmaceutical production. The Serum Institute of India (SII), the world’s largest producer of vaccines, is also based in Maharashtra. The state also has a headquarters for many large pharmaceutical companies.

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If any employee is found to be HIV-positive, the unit should be closed until it is completely cleansed.

Maharashtra, which has more than 3000 medical units, accounts for 20-25 percent of India’s $ 20 billion exports.

“The government has been very clear at this time, at first there was no clarity. So our workers have been suspended by government officials to go to the factories,” said Yugal Sikri, Managing Director of RPG Life Sciences.

“In terms of service delivery, I don’t think it will have much of an impact, but the demands will have an impact. There will always be a drop in chemicals in doctors’ clinics, which will have an impact on demand,” Sikri said.

Sikri said the country’s government that allows rapid antigen testing (RAT) and aimed at vaccinating workers is okay.

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However, he expressed concern about the growing incidents of COVID-19.

“Factory people are also prone to infection. The incidence rate is high,” Sikri said.

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