Stocks make great daytime travel: Visa, Nike, FedEx and more

Visa – Payment processor shares declined by 4.7% in daytime trading after a report said the Department of Justice was investigating whether a business transaction in a paid processor bank card business led to illegal market governance. The Wall Street Journal reported that DOJ investigators are concerned about Visa online bank card transactions.

Nike – The retailer’s shares plummeted to about 4% after the company reported mixed results in the third quarter. Nike earned 90 cents per share, which was ahead of those street analysts who were expecting a profit, according to Refinitiv. But money has lost expectations, reaching $ 10.36 billion compared to the expected $ 11.02 billion. The overcrowding of ports in the United States and the ongoing closure of shops in Europe have hit commercial growth.

Ford – Automaker shares have risen by almost 3% after Barclays raised stocks over obesity. The firm has pointed to a change in Ford’s performance in Europe, where it is expected to “raise significant limits beyond consensus”. Barclays also increased its stock price target to $ 16 from $ 9, which is 28% higher since Thursday’s close.

FedEx – Shares of the company that delivered the goods fell 6.8% on Friday after FedEx exceeded expectations in its third financial year. The company generated $ 3.47 billion in revenue per share of $ 21.51 billion in revenue. Analysts reviewed by Refinitiv wrote in pencil about $ 3.23 per salary and $ 19.97 billion in revenue. Tennessee-based companies cited better prices as a reason for strong results.

Petco – Pets sold more than 6% after the Bank of America developed to buy neutrality. The company said in its letter that it expected pets to emerge during the epidemic would create a “one year” for companies like Petco.

Molson Coors – Shares of beer-brewing beer have shrunk by 1% after Deutsche Bank added stock to its “short-term sales” list. The Wall Street company said the call was driven by concerns such as the effects of bad weather in February in Texas. Stocks have risen about 7% this year.

Hims & Hers Health – Telehealth company’s shares fell by more than 7% after the company reported a quarterly loss of $ 3.1 million, although that was less than the $ 12.4 million losses reported last year. Revenue, however, exceeds expectations. Hims & Hers Health’s total revenue has increased by 80% by 2020.

Skillz Inc. – Mobile sports stock has dropped by more than 9% after the company sold a $ 32 million public share for $ 24 each. The stock last traded at about $ 24.20 per share. Skillz said he would use the money he earned for a common purpose.

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