Parts of Dubai with curtain rods for dining in Ramadan

The new circular replaces circulars issued years ago that required restaurants to block restaurants in the eyes of mourners.
Volunteers clean the outside of the historic Mohabate Khan Mosque ahead of the next Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Dubai is moving away from the long-awaited requirement for restaurants to be covered with curtains during the day during Ramadan to protect the food supply of mourning people.

“Restaurants will be allowed to cater to customers without installing curtains, partitions or facades as it has been a mandatory practice in the past,” the state news agency WAM said.

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During Ramadan, Muslims who observe the holy month eat food and drink – even water – during the day. Muslims traditionally break the fast of Ramadan quickly with their first sips of water and their supper, called iftar.

In the Gulf Arab states, home to many immigrants, non-Muslims, many need to be fitted with curtains to prevent fast food. Eating and drinking in public can also lead to fines and legal problems

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