Now you can get 5 months of free Apple Music subscription with Shazam, here’s how

Apple Music is using a promotional offer that gives everyone a chance to get 5 months of free subscription to the music service.

Interestingly, this offer is made possible by the popular Shazam service and holds the best for both iPhone owners and those who use Android smartphones.

For those who don’t know, Apple Music is Apple’s most popular music streaming service that also offers some special features such as Lossless audio and Spatial Audio.

The Music app has subscription plans in India starting at Rs 99. However, newcomers can first get a 3 month free subscription to the service to get it.

Extending this time, Apple is now offering a five-month free trial to new Apple Music users. As seen by 91Mobiles, the new promotion was made possible by Apple’s well-respected music service called Shazam.

A quick visit to the Shazam website shows a wide range of promotional offers across the website.

How to get a five-month Apple Music subscription for free

There is not much you need to do to get the offer. In fact, the direct promotional code that you see on the Web site will automatically display the QR code.

Users interested in getting 5 months of Apple Music’s subscriptions should scan this QR code on their phone to display the required website.

QR code will bring users to a web page where they can receive their Apple Music subscription offer for 5 months. Once you have it, just click Apply to get the offer.

The service will then ask for confirmation and following that, users will need to log in with their Apple IDs. This will help Apple to evaluate whether the user has received a three-month free Apple Apple subscription or not.

For those who do, they will have only two additional months of music streaming service added to their accounts for free.

Those who have never started an Apple Music subscription will be able to receive a full five months of free subscription.

As mentioned above, the offer represents both iPhone and Android users. The Apple Music app can be downloaded from any platform and used to stream music.

One thing that is required of them, however, is Apple ID, which will also be required when redeeming offers.

It is a lucrative business offered by Apple, especially to lead its pre-competition music streaming service such as Spotify, YouTube Music and others.

With some of its features promising unique performance, this may be the right time for new users to try Apple Music.

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