No student gets to choose the world in which they graduate.

No student gets to choose the world in which they graduate ‘: Justin Trudeau Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulates high school graduates at Carleton University, Ottawa in his inaugural address

Justin trudeau, good health, Canadian prime minister, Carleton University, first talk at Carleton University, indianexpress, indianexpress.comCan Prime Minister Justin Trudeau encourages and appreciates high school graduates at Carleton University, Ottawa.Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave his first talk to high school graduates at Carleton University in Ottawa.

In his inaugural address during the COVID-19 epidemic, he spoke of the courage of the new generation, in which they had the right attitude. He said, “Make no mistake. Graduating is a great achievement but you never need a piece of paper to shout at injustice. You did not wait for this day to demand a change. Making a change ”.

Trudeau compared the 2020-year-old period with what came after the Great Depression and survived the World War. “The challenge facing the 2020 phase is no different. The decisions you will make – big and small – in the next few years will determine the future of our country and our world”.

“The most important thing is to look after those most at risk, to understand the impact of our choices on others, and to support each other. This is what these times have never taught you. And to remind us all. That friends are important. That people around us care. It’s time to dump her and move on. What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there? “

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“Recent events have just opened our eyes to what has been before us all this time. That you are tired. You care about each other. You care about people you have never met and you will never see again. He cares about what happens next. I know you have this. So do you. ”

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