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Man cooks fried egg with a splash of Fanta and tweeple are wondering ‘why?’

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The video shared on Twitter shows an eatery in Surat, Gujarat preparing this unique egg dish with the beverage.

How do you like to eat eggs? Like a soft omelet with lots of vegs, maybe? Or maybe on the sunny side? Eggs can be eaten in a number of ways, but this preparation in a video that has gone viral shows a pretty unique way of making eggs. As the title suggests, it includes Fanta orange-flavored drink as an ingredient.

The video, which bears the India Eat Mania logo, was posted by Twitter user Eesha on the microblogging platform. The video shows a restaurant in Surat, Gujarat, preparing this unique dish which is a combination of different types of egg preparations with a generous dose of drink.

“Mom, come get me, they’re frying Fanta with eggs,” the Twitter user posted while sharing the video.

Since its sharing on August 4, the video has garnered more than 2,000 likes and varied comments. Several people reacted to the clip, and many have asked why someone would mix a cold drink into a regular egg dish.

“Why! Kyu! Kahé! One individual reacted.” We should try this on our enemy first, “wrote another.” Invisible! Invisible! Invisible! When there is so much to eat, why? Just why? ” posted a third.

Here’s how a few others reacted:

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